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We recently created an interactive experience for a financial services client, Russell Investments, inviting clients and prospects to play out the familiar issues faced when making big financial decisions. The outcome delivers targeted insights about the user as well as curated information and content about Russell.

This solution answered a complex business challenge usually met with white papers and talking-head videos. The experience is particularly innovative for the financial services category, supporting sales and marketing efforts by enabling engagement with Russell Investments’ thought leadership, products and capabilities in a new way. 

It’s called How Would Russell Do It

We identified the opportunity to address core concerns of clients and prospects head-on by taking a user-centered approach to the journey of buying Russell Investments’ services. 

How it works

The experience poses a unique set of questions based on basic anonymous information about the types of assets the user is responsible for overseeing (e.g. pension; non-profit, etc.).

Each question hits on a hard issue, and has two or three realistic options as potential decisions. 

Based on their responses, participants are classified into one of five categories and receive a non-scientific analysis of their investment decision-making style, including possible superpowers, opportunities and risks. They also gain insight into how Russell Investments might handle a wide range of scenarios liable to keep institutional investment leaders up at night.

On a regular basis, Russell Investments hears clients and prospects talk about the many challenges that they face, so this interactive experience gives voice to those concerns and provides a useful, yet enjoyable, exercise to aid in thinking about next steps.

So far, the experience has gained Russell Investments relevant exposure in their industry as well as healthy engagement from institutional investors. As we gain insights from the analytics and adoption among sales and marketing as a useful lead-engagement tool, we’re identifying ways to potentially help expand the experience across different departments in Russell Investments and help them put the data being generated to work. 

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