At WINTR, we work day-in and day-out to uncover opportunities to reinvent the present; evolving current experiences to remove friction, to increase utility, to strengthen engagement. By intimately understanding how people, technology and brands intersect today, we’re better able to partner with our clients to craft products that anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

It’s our second nature to look forward, so our blog should do more than recount and remember. It should envision, enlighten and showcase the ambition of our team, our client partners and the products we together bring to market.

For that reason, we’re excited to introduce the future ambition of our blog: Forecast.

Forecast is built to capture our pursuit to connect brands and people thru exceptional experiences. Each month, we’ll publish a Collection of posts that explore a single topic and its relative impact on our efforts to realize the aspirations of both brand and consumer.

We invite you to sign up for updates and explore our latest Collection below.


April 2016

We take pride in being a resilient organization. By definition, to be resilient implies our team has the capacity to absorb highs and lows, and still retain our basic function and structure. Together we take advantage of momentum, recover from trying circumstances and leverage learnings as opportunities to get better. This month’s Collection explores how our resilience enables us to protect our optimism; namely our ability to design a better future and engineer it as reality.

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