CenturyLink Cloud
Introducing a new product offering with an enterprise brand platform and suite of tools.

CenturyLink Cloud Platform 

Created for CenturyLink

Through a process of user centered design, we created a brand and product platform aimed at IT decision makers encouraging adoption of CenturyLink’s progressive cloud services for business. Direct conversions increased by 500% in the first 4 months after launch. 

CenturyLink Cloud

We translated a strong strategy and created a unique user experience positioning CenturyLink Cloud as a progressive and viable solution, presenting the offering with a modern responsive design. The scalable infrastructure we developed facilitates an evergreen design and a constantly expanding product offering. Our work was done in collaboration and often colocation with the client. This allowed us to quickly implement and iterate solutions.

Serving the User

The goals for the platform focused around ease of adoption and the ability for new and existing customers to navigate solutions. Solutions Included lowering the barrier of entry for customer trials and conversion, an improved structure of helpful information and delivery of priority content.

  Serving the User

The Problem Contains the Solution

Through an extensive audit of the current site, we created series of service flows and wireframes. This informed key paths, actions and gaps within the current platform we could address to deliver a better, more concise user experience.

CLC Service Blueprint

Research and insights were quickly translated as low-fidelity prototyping to validate proposed flows and structures.


Brand Platform

Introducing a new product offering from a trusted name, we worked within the current CenturyLink brand to create an associated design language for CenturyLink Cloud.

Determining the right tone for the audience of IT decision-makers, we arrived at distinct global elements and treatments including colors, iconography and styles of content blocks.

Styleguide-Driven Design

The global elements of the design language established a foundation for an evolving styleguide.  Immediately we could use the guide to rapidly design pages and content types, and as new needs were encountered, they were addressed and incorporated into the styleguide for future solutions. Ultimately we developed a robust design system entirely represented within the styleguide, further facilitating agile development.

CLC Styleguide

Tools and Information

The CenturyLink Cloud customer is informed and expects to find solutions to key questions when determining the product as viable for their business as well as throughout the process of using the product. We created tools and organized specific sets of content to improve the delivery of solutions.


A suite of calculators allow IT decision-makers to evaluate the pricing model, estimate various scenarios, and eventually select CLC as the right solution for their business.

CLC Calculator

Getting Started

This aspect of the experience reduces barriers to getting started with the service, encouraging user adoption. 

CLC Getting Started

Knowledge Base

To help users better learn the platform and navigate support solutions, we standardized a series of content modules and best practices to maintain consistency across guides.

CLC Knowledge Base

Scalable Infrastructure

On the back-end, we created a scalable infrastructure to facilitate evergreen design and an expanding product offering. This approach also allows for non-technical team members to contribute while enabling complete version control.

CLC Continuous Integration

A Growing System

As the platform expands, we’re an ongoing strategic creative partner for a series of initiatives targeted at IT decision-makers. Up next is a new system of case studies and other relevant content materials that are the foundation of awareness efforts for the new brand and product offering.

At a Glance

What is was

An enterprise brand website and suite of tools for a new product offering of cloud services from CenturyLink.

What we did

Strategy and user experience, art direction, interaction design, development and future envisioning.

Why it worked

Strategy for user experience focused on ease of adoption and navigating solutions, a scalable design language and an agile development workflow to support a growing brand and product offering. Direct conversions increased by 500% in the first 4 months after launch.