Evolution Fresh
Content strategy and social activation for a new brand of fresh juice and on-the-go nutrition

The cold-pressed story 

Created for Evolution Fresh, a Starbucks brand

Evolution Fresh is redefining on-the-go nutrition with an accessible offering of cold-pressed juices. With our help, the Starbucks owned brand is strategically expanding their engagement network across social as well as Starbucks owned digital properties and using visual content to educate and entertain a wider reach of relationships.

We created a content strategy and activations to best communicate the value proposition and story of cold-pressed across Evolution Fresh digital properties. 


Existing engagement with Evolution Fresh was high across social networks despite sparse and inconsistent content. People actively love the brand. There was unique opportunity to capture the excitement and communicate the value proposition visually, with imagery and video.

Set the tone

Within the super-premium juice audience, there are varying levels of educated buyers when it comes to how juice is made. Establishing an understanding of the approach that makes Evolution fresh unique, required a baseline of shared knowledge about the cold-pressed process.

The content strategy identified a short and long-term approach to bridge existing relationships, activate engagement, collect new relationships and iterate to better communicate.

The strategy identified three phases. By first clarifying what makes the cold-pressed process different, the shared understanding unified a conversation among a sliding scale of health conscious people and ultimately provided the foundation for an ongoing community of exchange.

Setting the tone for the strategy guided a visual approach and voice to appeal to the broad mix of relationships across the Evolution Fresh engagement network and maintain brand consistency.

Content activation

As a launch activation, we created an educational and entertaining video to clarify what’s different about the cold-pressed process. The video is a rally and the primary piece of storytelling content.

Through script development and storyboarding, we created an original art direction and 2D illustration style that is unique to the brand.

Through creating an animation style, we furthered the visual language of the brand to include the way that it moves.

Socially Awesome

With growing attention and excitement for Evolution Fresh, we were able to profile people currently engaged with the brand across social and the network of potential relationships. We proposed a variety of activations that leveraged existing behaviors and trends among these audiences.

Based on selected activations, we created original content including a library of imagery using the visual approach we estbalished paired with a voice and messaging we developed to support the cold-pressed value proposition.

The content activations were created specific to the platform across social, each piece relating back to the larger story of cold-pressed.

Responsive iteration

With a content strategy, style guide and workflow for creating social content, we can quickly iterate future activations based on feedback gathered from listening to the response.

At a glance

What is was

Content strategy and social activation for a new Starbucks brand and offering of on-the-go nutrition.

What we did

Content strategy, concepting social activations, original content creation, storytelling, motion graphics and animation, photography and copywriting for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and site content.

Why it worked

Valuable insights for future iterations as the brand continues to grow.