A fresh brand presence for an old favorite, remaking


Made with CP+B for Kraft

There’s really nothing like it. We were delighted to partner with Crispin Porter & Bogusky to create a fresh digital presence for Jell-O, a brand that has been relevant in American culture for over a century. Our solutions included redesigning and developing as a fully responsive experience, the first-ever for a Kraft product, and translating the new brand to a Facebook app.  

Launch Project


The site serves up the simple, sweet fun of Jell-O products and recipes. Provided the opportunity to define the new digital brand style and evolve the traditional Kraft product site framework, we focused on designing opportunities for people to engage with the bold and beloved jiggly nature of Jell-O.   

Jiggle Responsively

As the pilot for a Kraft brand, our extensive experience and process for creating responsive experiences allowed us to confidently propose creative solutions with a technical understanding of how to bring them to life.  

The modular style supports varying amounts of content and allows for supporting graphics and photography to play a big part.

Motion & Interaction

For added playfulness and engagement, we used motion and interaction to express iconic elements and useful information. The rollover for products mimics a lid flipping back, flavor icons each have a unique surprise behavior and animated recipe information.

Shake it Up

For the homepage, we created a series of simple interactive toys using a combination of JavaScript and CSS3 animation. Using a spring-easing method, the toys were given an appropriate amount of “jigglyness.” Assets can easily be updated to create new versions.  

Flexibility, for All

To maintain flexibility across devices and browsers of all sizes we approached development mobile-first and established ways for the site to be easily updated from a single code base. Lightweight frame sequence animations and resolution independent assets like SVG images and custom icon fonts helped to optimize load times and ensure browser support for the fun stuff.

Well Liked

As a companion to the responsive experience, we created a Facebook app for Jell-O products that was consistent with the new brand.  

Krafting a Movement

The success of the process and launched product set the bar for other Kraft brand experiences to take a responsive approach.  

At a Glance

What it Was

A fresh digital brand experience of Jell-O, including a responsive website and Facebook app. Created with Crispin, Porter & Bogusky for Kraft.

What We Did

Original visual approach, user interface and responsive design, establishing a new digital brand style guide. Front-end development and interaction design using coded animation and motion behaviors, .NET backend programming and API integration with Kraft API’s.

Why it Worked

Unified brand presence, success of the process and output set the bar as the first responsive experience for a Kraft product.