A responsive experience with unique brand personality


Created for Lookout Mobile Security

Serving over 40 million users and facing an ever increasing demand, Lookout Mobile Security protects mobile devices from malware and theft. They asked us to create a responsive experience for the primary digital brand tool, used to communicate the platform and expanding product offering.

Our solutions answered the challenge and purposefully engaged two distinct audiences with different needs - businesses concerned with an enterprise security solution and consumers seeking personal protection. Within months of launch, Lookout benefited with a 300% increase in mobile, non-branded search traffic and doubled the average time consumers spent on their site.  

Launch Project


Lauded as one of FastCompany’s most innovative companies, we translated the unique personality of Lookout with the new digital brand. Creating a consistent, cohesive user experience for both personal and business customers, we featured product stories specific to audience types. 

To support Lookout’s growth, the responsive site is powered by a customized content management system with a thoughtfully architected and easy to use administrator interface. 

More Show,
Less Tell

Consolidated Opportunities

The site architecture clearly organized the product offering and created an opportunity for product stories by consolidating content and information relevant to different audience types. We pared down the heavy reliance on copy, reduced the total number of pages and designed methods for the design to support scale and maintain a consistent user experience.  

Storytelling in Motion

Distinct product stories rely heavily on visuals to simplify a complex offering and guide users to a clear call to action. We used animation and interactive graphics to communicate product features and benefits.

Mobile First, Optimized for Everyone

The experience is optimized to serve everyone by focusing first on developing for mobile and working up to accomodate larger screensizes and eventually desktop. This helps ensure design and functionality accommodate all device sizes, even those yet to be released. 

Content Management

We planned, architected, and customized a content management system to provide an ideal level of control to administrative users. All content including images, text, pages and heirarchy are managed by the system.  

The system also manages localization and a growing number of locales. Each uses different translations and has totally different content and page hierarchy.    

Going Places

The experience and CMS effectively serve the marketing and sales team as Lookout actively expands into markets across Europe and Asia. As a useful tool, it also helps support company growth, and we’ve continued to iterate on evolving needs including the addition of a robust careers section helping Lookout look forward.

At a Glance

What it Was

A responsive experience as the primary brand tool for B2B and B2C for a mobile security company that serves over 40 million users.

What We Did

Strategy, information architecture, and user experience for distinct audience types. Storytelling, digital brand development, art direction, user interface, and responsive design. Front-end and back-end programming, customized content management system with localization.

Why it Worked

Unified product offering supports expansion into Europe and Asian markets as a sales tool, fully administered by marketing department. A 300% increase in organic mobile search traffic, doubled duration of time spent on site months after launch.


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