Maiden Noir
Unified brand expression and responsive e-commerce experience

Maiden Noir

A coveted brand of menswear from Seattle, Maiden is known for quality product and polished street wear. Their goods are found in reputable boutiques worldwide, but the namesake storefront is digital. With growing attention and increasing sales, there was need to improve the e-commerce user experience, and support functionality across devices. Our solutions included a mobile-first approach for a responsive shopping experience and unified brand expression, all easily updated with a flexible content management system. Shortly following launch, conversion on mobile devices doubled, and time spent on the site shot up with a thirty percent increase.

Launch Project


Mobile e-commerce is on the rise, particularly among the same target as Maiden’s core customer. This same audience has elegant aspirations and appreciates good design. We combined form and function to increase sales and influence brand perception.

Fashion Forward

Approaching the site architecture responsively, we designed the user experience with a focus on driving conversion on mobile. 

We focused on serving functional needs first and letting the tone of the brand lead minimal methods of visually merchandising product and content.

Simplifying the shopping experience helped to increase conversion. Clear navigation and category filters allow customers to view more products and colorways in fewer interactions.

All shopping and browsing interactions are equally functional and optimized across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Style Guide

Each collection has a unique story and design elements. Visual inspiration and brand content throughout the site help guide users to featured products available for purchase.

An interactive lookbook uses motion and scroll interaction to move through a curated selection of visuals that can be updated in the content management system with each new collection.

Image and text content, layout, and animation specifics can be defined by any administrative user without the need for any HTML or coding skills. This input generates a unique, dynamic animation. The Lookbook is sized to exactly to match the user’s screen size using JavaScript.

Committed to the craft, the Journal provides Maiden an opportunity to highlight news and behind the scenes with a mix of media.

Grow With it.

Designed and developed responsively, the experience adapts appropriately to screen size. Combined with a flexible, robust content management system, this makes updating products, information, images, and other media an easy experience for the administrators at Maiden Noir. The shopping cart solution is an off-the-shelf customization and allows for room to grow as Maiden’s fulfillment needs evolve.

At a Glance

What it Was

Brand and responsive e-commerce experience.  

What We Did

Strategy and user experience, art direction, interaction, and responsive design. Front-end and back-end programming, content management system, e-commerce.

Why it Worked

Unified brand expression and user-friendly shopping experience supported on mobile and simple administration.


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