Hi, I’m MIVOR what’s your name?


A WINTR innovation exploring the relationship between humans and intelligent devices.

MIVOR is a mood interpreting voice-operated robot that generates abstract visualizations representative of a user’s mood, facilitated through a conversation with your browser.

Launch Project


MVP and Creative Intent Co-exist

Our initial planning for this looked like MIVOR was going to take shape as fully-loaded artificial intelligence. After focusing our creative aspirations, we arrived here:

MIVOR's functionality is simple: to create a visualization based on a human to machine voice controlled interaction.

Prototyping taught us many lessons, the most important was that we needed to find ways to further humanize the experience.

Human Sentiment

In order to do so, we made MIVOR smarter by implementing Python’s Natural Language Toolkit and WordNet, this list was extended to over 10,000 words by averaging synonym values - thus creating a more engaging and meaningful experience.

A Value System

The integer value of each word translates to a positive or negative sentiment, and the overall sentiment of the phrase is calculated with a sentiment analysis algorithm. MIVOR traverses a tree-like node system to progress through the conversation. Try out a text-based version of this in our behind the scenes to get a glimpse of how it walks through the tree. The visual representation of your inner-self is created based upon the cumulative response value which MIVOR uses to affect the parameters of the graphics presented on screen.

Interaction Matters

MIVOR is a functional proof of concept that intends to scratch the surface of a much larger conversation. A conversation about human and machine relationships. The future of voice commanded “things” is here. But those “things” are all kind of dumb. Sure you can command your stereo, phone or game console, but these are unremarkable, one way experiences. We believe that providing these interactions with true sentiment that approaches human intelligence improves creates a memorable connection. Rather than a simple transaction, the experience becomes infinitely personalized.

We’re honored with the response that MIVOR has achieved including an FWA SOTD, Google Chrome Experiment and an honorable mention at the Webby Awards, some of the most prestigious awards on the industry. 

At a Glance

What it Was

A WINTR innovation.

What We Did

Created a new experience that explores the relationships between humans and technology.

Why it Worked

MIVOR is a functional prototype that represents the beginning more enriched future of intelligent devices.


  • Webby (Net Art)
  • Awwwards