Live Nation
Improving the digital experience of one of the largest music festivals in the world

Sasquatch! Festival

Created for Live Nation

Hundreds of thousands of people attend the outdoor music event each year which features a curated lineup of artists, from massive headliners to indie up-and-comers. Tickets sell out in minutes—attendees and administrators spend months planning and preparing for the festival. 

We improved the digital experience to anticipate user needs across devices, and accuratly reflect the brand as forward-thinking through features, function, behaviors, and tone. As well, we translated the tone to an animated short. A customized content management system helped administrators easily make updates and scale efforts. These solutions doubled the average time spent on the site and provided valuable insight and data for future iterations of the festival.  


Sasquatch! creates culture with a single weekend. We identified the opportunity to engage with people who are invested throughout the year.

Everybody Wins

In response to the needs of participants, onlookers and administrators, we improved the digital user experience of the festival for everybody. Including a responsive front-end built to adapted appropriately for a consistent brand experience across screens. 

A new architecture organized content and information to serve a hierarchy of needs and establish relevant user flows.

Go with the Flow

Connecting hundreds of bands to hundreds of thousands of people can be chaotic. Helping attendees explore the impressive lineup, navigate, and build festival schedules in advance of the weekend improved the experience.

The festival is largely about discovery. A feature to filter artists by day of performance and navigate straight to artist profiles provided a fun, purposeful way to explore. 

From an artist profile, users could add a performance to a personal schedule. Schedules could be saved, shared, and broadcast to social networks.

Saved schedules helped people navigate the festival without the need for WiFi. Sharing functionality provided an easy way to communicate performance plans with friends. Twice as many schedules were made as tickets sold, which means some people made one for fun.

Also, user data about popular performances and related artists was gathered to inform future festivals.

The art direction, UI and copywriting added polish and witty humor as a layer of entertainment to the useful experience.

With the carefully planned content management workflow, festival announcements and constant changes to the lineup were easy updates to make right up until the last minute.

The Show Must Go On

Festival organizers and administrators have needs, too. The platform and architecture is scalable for the various phases of the festival and reusable year after year. Secure previews of all public views enabled administrators to see their content in action prior to the lineup announcement. In order to accommodate sudden high volume traffic spikes, we used static page caching, a content delivery network, and quickly scalable cloud hosting to keep the experience up and running smoothly.   

Nice Moves

Each year the lineup announcement—a huge deal—kicks of the festival experience. We created an animated short, incorporating headliners, provided people with a different way to engage with the lineup and a fun piece of content to share with friends. 

At a Glance

What it Was

The digital user experience for one of the largest music festivals in the world, created for Live Nation.

What We Did

User experience design, art direction, information architecture, design and development of a scalable, responsive framework and content management system. Motion design and production for lineup trailer.

Why it Worked

Doubled the average time spent on the site, a reusable platform and facilitated methods for valuable data and insight for future iterations of the festival.