A fresh new site for a non-profit working to provide clean water for children in high-density locations around the world.


Our solution provided the Splash a unified user experience and digital brand, paired with a flexible module-based content management system to allow them to expand the content of their online presence as they move towards their goal.

Launch Project


Tablet first

Provided that statistically their current traffic is less than 1% on mobile we decided to take a tablet-first approach whilst still delivering a mobile-optimized website without it being responsive. We decided to remain focus on bigger screens and crafted a design that made the best out of this medium.

A modular approach

We developed a modular templating system from the ground up that was built around their own goals and objectives. Their goals being expandability of their public facing site as well as the ability to quickly create direct-to-investor private websites with ease and remaining true to the new digital brand.

Based on the most common user interactions we developed a series of initial content modules to cover a full gamut of the content being developed for the website.

Bringing Jharana to life

Jharana was the first of many stories being told from the eyes of the children Splash is helping. After several discussions we decided that photo-based stories were not the right solution for two main reasons - feasibility and privacy - this set us on the path to create an illustrative animation framework to tell this and any upcoming success stories.

Making a Splash

The success of the process, paired with a beautiful user interface and remarkable content management system has paved the way for a consistently usable and beautiful experience that provides visitors with the information they need to get involved.

At a Glance

What it was

A brand new online presence for Splash, including a tablet-optimized website and interactive stories. 

What we did

User experience, original visual approach, user interface design, established a new digital brand style guide. Front-end development and interaction design behaviors and animations. Custom content management system development and API integration with various custom APIs.

Why it worked

Unified user experience and design in a flexible module-based content management system that allows the team at Splash expand the content of their online presence. The site provides viewers with a clear understanding of Splash's endeavor towards clean water for children in highly dense populations.