Experiential elements for a mobile tour to launch a new digital travel service

Go Somewhere

Created with Curator PR for Vayama

Vayama is an online travel service that makes international travel accessible by providing a one-stop booking solution. For the brand launch in the US, a campaign mobile tour canvassed 12 cities across the nation, inspiring potential users to try the service and go somewhere. We created the experiential elements of the tour, including a multi-player touch screen game played nearly 12,000 times as well as a method for individuals to interact with Vayama’s offering through featured destinations, which captured tens of thousands of emails and entries.  


Multiple-people engaged in real-time gameplay across connected devices, controlled by a mobile administrator. People could further interact with Vayama’s offering with a more immersive experience and provided a method for sweepstakes entries, capturing user information, as well as data regarding the amount of money people might be willing to pay for international travel.   

Make it, They Will Come

The experience design worked to attract, gather, and engage from the outside.

After drawing people in, they were provided a continuous interaction with the brand and clear path to provide their contact information so we could stay in touch.  

Styled Solutions

Vayama had recently rebranded. We translated the new style through the design of each experience appropriate to the context and desired interaction.

Mobile Web & Ready Hardware

Through technical planning, we devised a system to work outside of any proprietary technology, and created a lightweight development and hardware solution.

As opposed to a native approach, we quickly built a real-time gameplay system based on web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebSockets. The Websockets server running on a local ad-hoc Wi-Fi network facilitated the immediate communication between the devices.   

As it was unknown whether a connection would always be available, the system was designed to work entirely without internet connectivity. By using an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network only, we could offer users an opportunity to play the game wherever and whenever we chose.  

Support Systems

In years past, a mobile tour such as this would have required a dedicated technical support person. However, for this tour, we set up a remote connection to the hardware that was running the server. With this connection, we could log in from our office to make any updates, should they be necessary.  

With the applications loaded and ready on the devices, we then provided training videos and documentation of the simple systems for technology and hardware support to both the Curator, as well as the company that engineered the mobile truck. 

Future Indicators

Ben Winters

Benjamin Winters

Founder & CEO

The Era of New Contexts

The type of consumer engagement that has evolved with the web, has evolved beyond it.  The era of new contexts is here; mobile, casual gaming, and digital united with physical experiences.

When we started WINTR in 2010, these new forms of engagement were gaining the interest of big brands. Brands intent on making meaningful connections in new and exciting contexts, blazing new trails. Viewing these areas as the future, we enthusiastically took on these clients and projects and have developed an expertise around these new contexts: including mobile, casual gaming, and digital to physical experiences.

These experiences represent the new order of consumer engagement, an evolution of what existed on the web.  

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At a Glance

What it Was

Accessible experiential elements for a mobile tour campaign to launch a new digital travel service.

What We Did

Engagement strategy, user experience, flow, and technical planning. Art direction and user interface, system design and development for mobile web applications and real-time gameplay. Websockets server programming and configuration, hardware sourcing, remote management, and support solutions.

Why it Worked

Supported heavy engagement in 12 key adoption markets. Accessible, reliable technology solution using ready hardware. Game played 12,000+ times, tens of thousand of emails, and sweepstakes entries.