Wikipedia Education Platform
Building better tools for educators to leverage Wikipedia as a teaching platform.

Wikipedia Education Platform

Created for The Wiki Education Foundation

The Wiki Education Foundation (WikiEdu) serves as the bridge between academia and Wikipedia. As the resource has been quickly adopted into curriculums by students and instructors alike, there are growing needs to address and help further usability and engagement. Ongoing, we’re working to design a system of tools and improved user experience to best leverage Wikipedia as a teaching platform.

Wiki Graph

The success of these efforts is directly tied to achieving the goals of Wikipedia to increase the amount of high quality content.

Big Picture

The goal of Wikipedia is to include all of human knowledge. We started by asking ourselves, how might we make the process to contribute entries easier for those using the service in classrooms?

Wiki Barriers

Designing a System

The methodologies of service design define our approach to creating a system of tools and processes that make up the WikiEdu platform. Enabling customer self-service via user journeys and blueprint design that allowed us to find relevance, value, and opportunity to lower the barrier of entry, provide a better user experience and increase the number of contributors to Wikipedia.


Needs and opportunities for tools and improved processes are identified through user journey design. We outline the series of steps taken by a user towards their goal including actions, thinking, feeling and touchpoints. This knowledge is our blueprint for ways to make the user experience better.


Agile Workflow

There are a broad set of end-user goals to accomplish. By breaking these down into smaller stories, we are better able to prioritize what to address. This sets the tone for our agile workflow for each initiative and allows us to deliver value immediately. Insights gathered along the way inform future strategies, gaining us efficiencies, and improving the effectiveness of our solutions.

Building a Platform

Like Wikipedia, our work is iterative and new tools and processes are introduced based on the priority of the needs served.

Wiki Iteration

Assignments on Wikipedia

This tool provides a way for instructors to design and customize their own Wikipedia classroom assignments. The solution enables the simple flexibility of adapting a sample syllabus and other assignments to the individual needs of specific timelines, subject matters, and learning objectives — without using code.

Wiki Wireframes

Streamlining the process of creating an assignment on Wikipedia ultimately advances the contribution of entries. By answering a simple set of questions about the objective, instructors customize a course syllabus that is then published to Wikipedia.

The design established for the platform is built around accessibility, ease of navigation and readability for users across different screen types and sizes.

Wiki Dashboard

Early Results

Immersed in the challenges and solutions, user testing provides invaluable insights and feedback that may be incorporated for future iterations.

Wiki Dashboard

Client = Team Member

Our Agile approach to accomplishing WikiEdu's goals was further bolstered by the inclusion of the client as an active team member. Having a client participate in on-the-ground strategy and planning is an invaluable resource. WikiEdu spent a percentage of every week in the WINTR office sitting with our team actively working through user stories.

At a Glance

What it Was

An opportunity to create a set of tools to increase the amount of contributions to Wikipedia by empowering instructors with better tools to leverage Wikipedia as a teaching tool.

What We Did

Strategy and user experience, art direction, interaction design, development and future envisioning.

Why it Worked

Unified strategy, user experience and design working together with our client as an active team member gave us the visibility and knowledge to develop tools that streamline processes and provide visibility to active users.